151st Freedom Fighters
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The 151st Freedom Fighters started in the early Beta of Planetside 2 (2012). Aiming to provide fun gameplay, we quickly evolved into a tactically oriented PS2 community with members from across the globe. Regular Ops nights, training, dedicated tactical events, and competitive battles against other outfits are examples of some of the events we hold.

Our main focus is team work on a tactical basis while maintaining efficient numbers to make the difference. It is highly encouraged that our members play sociably (all members required to be on VOIP), so there is always someone around to play with.

Our community is definitely one of our strongest features. With friendly people from round the globe (and some grumpy people), many people have found the 151st as a home on the internet, and made friends. We have held RL meet-ups for people that are interested.

We have recently broadened into other games officially, including Elite-Dangerous, ARMA, Star Citizen, Heroes of the Storm, Counter strike, Diablo 3 and many moreFurther updates to the website in regards to other games are in the pipeline.

To register with us click 'Begin Registration' below. If you are interested in joining our Planetside 2 Outfit please select the appropriate option when registering. Otherwise you will join as a Registered guest... you then have the option to join under any game by applying in the forum manually.

If you require assistance or there is a problem with the sign up process, please join our public mumble channel using the address: mumble.151st.co.uk    port: 36212

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